There are a number of professional development companies on the market. When considering PD for your School District, School, or Teachers,  there are essentially two categories.   The first is PD that is part of a materials purchase that requires training.    The second type of PD is one where you are trying to gain further knowledge on a subject.   For example, the Common Core, ELL or RTI, and so forth.  While most of category two PD are good resources,  the common thread throughout a vast majority of these companies is – they are trying to sell their products.  For some this may not be a bad thing, especially if you are interested in their products – but for most, the goal is simply to gain the knowledge they are interested in.

As a result of our dislike of Professional Development that is really a sales and marketing opportunity for the presenting company, we have searched for PD suppliers where the focus is on knowledge and not product.  Here are our results.


Education ColoradoProfessional Development Recommended for Colorado


 Lesson Study

Lesson study is a form of long-term professional development in which teams of teachers collaboratively plan, research, and study their lesson instruction as a way to determine how students learn best.

It is a process that deepens the interaction of a school’s professional learning community by developing the habits of self-reflection and critical thinking through very personal collaboration with their colleagues and structured observation of their students. Lesson study has the power to transform the life of a school.



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Ensuring 21st Century Readiness

The world is rapidly changing. The new millennium demands a generation of learners who understand the importance of collaboration, communication, critical thinking, problem solving, and innovation. Participants explore innovative, interactive techniques and lesson structures that inspire student thinking and learning in the context of a caring and collaborative classroom community.

This Professional Development course will provide lesson experiences and classroom examples, participants learn facilitation techniques and cooperative structures that empower students to do the thinking and talking as they acquire complex skills essential for learning and living in the 21st century regardless of what materials, programs, or curriculum your school utilizes.

Format Options

  • All-staff sessions
    • Topics chosen from the list above
  • Model lessons/Facilitation tips
    • Observe pedagogy in action
  • Grade-level team planning
    • Collaborative lesson planning
    • Q+A about lessons, pedagogy, and facilitation

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Improving Teacher Practice

Participants examine the role of student talk in learning and discover how lessons that engage students in meaningful conversations lead to deeper levels of thinking and learning. They experience techniques for crafting open-ended questions and reflect on how to facilitate whole class, small group, and partner discussions that require students to build on each other’s ideas. The workshop explores an instructional framework that uses read-alouds and purposeful talk to scaffold comprehension and understanding for all students, especially English Language Learners (ELLs).

This PD course is based upon studies and a book written by Peter Brunn that focuses on  a new way to plan and facilitate lessons that are rich with student thinking and interaction. The valuable tips contained in this book help teachers be more intentional with their instruction by visualizing how their lessons might unfold. Most importantly, the book shows teachers how to teach in a way that inspires and celebrates student thinking. The Lesson Planning Handbook provides the practical tools for addressing all the demands of teaching—the standards, programs, mandates, and so on—and also facilitates deep thinking about the unique needs of students.


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The Common Core Course

Are you prepared for the challenges presented by the Colorado Common Core State Standards? Help your teachers make powerful, strategic changes to their instructional practice by connecting learning about the Common Core to classroom instruction.

Common Core Course: Planning Instructional Shifts is a professional development course that you can implement on your own or with our assistance. The course consists of a series of facilitator-led activities that guide teams of teachers through discussions, reflections, and evaluations to develop a deeper understanding of what is required for student success.

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