Colorado Common Core ResourcesWe are 3 years into the Common Core and while most have a decent idea of what the Common Core is in Colorado, many School Districts and Schools are now entering the implementation phase of new resources and materials that will achieve not only Common Core standards but Colorado State Standards.

Under the Standards, students are expected to read a wide range of increasingly complex texts, understand key ideas, learn about the craft of writing and its structure, as well as be able to engage in provocative conversation about texts with their teachers and peers.

To help you discover where your School or Classroom needs to be in relation to the Common Core State Standards, the Developmental Studies Center has provided an excellent free tool.

 CCSS Correlation Tool

To use this tool, simply click on the picture above.  Once on the Developmental Studies Center site, select the orange button on the upper right and select the grade that you are interested in on the left.  The results are available in .pdf form to share with colleagues or can be viewed on screen.




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